How to fight your speeding ticket

If you’ve been caught speeding, you’ll benefit from reading the information on this page before you pay that speeding ticket.

Getting a speeding ticket is never a pleasant experience. It is notably the most issued and most frustrating traffic ticket of all traffic offences. It is incredible the number of people who just simply pay the speeding ticket without taking to court. A high percentage of those people regret their decisions after paying the ticket and discovering that their insurance premiums have gone up, demerit points have been added to their licence, or their drivers licence has been suspended.

What the Law says about speeding

No person shall drive a motor vehicle at a rate of speed greater than,
(a) 50 kilometres per hour on a highway within a local municipality or within a built-up area;
(b) despite clause (a), 80 kilometres per hour on a highway, not within a built-up area, that is within a local municipality that had the status of a township on December 31, 2002 and, but for the enactment of the Municipal Act, 2001, would have had the status of a township on January 1, 2003, if the municipality is prescribed by regulation;
(c) 80 kilometres per hour on a highway designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council as a controlled-access highway under the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, whether or not the highway is within a local municipality or built-up area;
(d) the rate of speed prescribed for motor vehicles on a highway in accordance with subsection (2), (5), (6), (6.1) or (7);
(e) the maximum rate of speed set under subsection (10) and posted in a construction zone designated under subsection (8) or (8.1); or
(f) the maximum rate of speed posted on a highway or portion of a highway pursuant to section 128.0.1. 2005, c. 26, Sched. A, s. 17 (1); 2006, c. 11, Sched. B, s. 6 (2); 2006, c. 32, Sched. D, s. 4 (1).

In a nutshell, if you’re exceeding the speed limit by even one kilometre, you’re speeding and subject to a penalty. However, the police typically won't give you a ticket until you're at least 10 over the speed limit. Sometimes more.

Speeding Ticket Penalties & Consequences

Getting nailed with a speeding ticket may have a greater consequence than most people realize. Penalties for speeding range from a fine, demerit points and even license suspension. The list below shows the severity of the penalties depending on how fast over the regulated speed you are driving:
• You may simply receive a fine only for a conviction of speeding.
• The speeding ticket is registered against you on your driving abstract and remains there for three years from the date of your conviction.
• You may accumulate demerit points if you’re convicted of a speeding ticket
• Your insurance rates may increase as a result of the conviction as you become more risky to insure.
• Your drivers licence may be suspended.

How we help you with your speeding ticket

We are Paralegals licensed to provide legal services in Ontario. All our clients will receive professional representation and the confidence of our knowledge and experience. We have helped hundreds of people in similar situations and we work hard to have any charges dismissed entirely.

Sometimes it is not possible to have all charges dismissed and we are capable of negotiating with prosecutors to achieve one or all of the following:

• Protect you from demerit points awarded against your license

• Negotiate against license suspension

• Agree to the lowest possible fine

• Keep you out of jail (in very rare cases)

Years of experience and in depth knowledge of the traffic laws allow us to maintain an impressive success rate. If you are facing a speeding fine and you do not know what to do, don’t worry we do! Do not sit on your speeding ticket and do not pay it, give us a call today for a free no obligation consultation.

If you receive a speeding ticket in Ontario, call Point Duty toll free at 1-866-647-6468. Alternatively, use our contact form for a free, no obligation consultation. We have the experience and resources necessary to help you minimize the consequences of a conviction of a speeding ticket.

The impact of a conviction from speeding can be costly. We try to minimize that cost for you.

• We attend court on your behalf to file your ticket

• Order and review your disclosure

• Fight your speeding ticket or negotiate a reduction on your behalf

• Our advice is to fight every ticket that you receive